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We believe that learning is born from an effective relationship between teachers and students through experiments, experiences and practices, driven by curiosity and the desire for knowledge of both parties.



We desire teachers and students to enjoy a pleasant teaching-learning relationship, experimenting, experiencing and knowing the Active Methodologies and Agility to achieve the fundamental mindset change for education of the Twenty-First Century.

The Triskele is an ancient Celtic symbol, which can be found at the entrance to Newgrange, a prehistoric monument in County Meath, Ireland, of the Neolithic era rich in history and culture of early civilizations.

Represented by three spiral-shaped “legs” or “arms” that start from the same central point, its first meaning is connected with the action of movement, cyclic movement, progress and revolution. It has in Celtic culture an even deeper meaning of “forward motion to reach understanding.”. But this is not the only meaning, it also represents relationships between 3 elements, such as: “Life-Death-Rebirth”, “Mind-Body-Spirit” or any other three words or concepts.  

For this reason we have chosen Triskele. We believe that education is the center from which this 3 dynamic “arms”, in constant movement, are school, teacher and student. Each of them constantly moves and transforms. We believe that this dynamic relationship transforms Education!

Paula Viani

Curious since childhood, she always sought fun in the exploration of the materials she had at hand and found answers to her concerns in the arts. Theater, dance, music, drawing, painting and crafts led her childhood and adolescence.

She graduated with a degree in Art Education from the State University of Londrina, PR-Brazil, where she also attended post-graduate diploma in Art History, Modernity and post-Modernity, which led her to be selected in the year 2006, between more than 1000 young professionals of the most prestigious Universities in the world, to the Internship Program of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Italy, where she gained experience in global multi-cultural teams, and experienced the various sectors of the museum work, mainly its educational department, and speaking to the visitors and for the employees.

She lived for 3 years in Dublin, Ireland where she further deepened his multicultural experiences and studied translation. Bringing her knowledge lived in Europe she applied them in classrooms from elementary to High School, in public and private institutions in Brazil, as well as in social projects.

She went deeper into the Reggio Emilia educational approach, at the Loris Malaguzzi International Center in Reggio Emilia, Italy, experiencing the riches of this pedagogy where she had the opportunity also in the center itself to speak.

Since 2013, when she was introduced to agility, began to apply it in education, where today is one of the pioneers in Brazil in eduScrum, a framework created by Dutch Willy Wijnands, and she also is a CSM and CSPO certified by Scrum Alliance and has trainings by Kanban University. Paula is also a translator of agility books such as “Rethinking Agile”, by Klaus Leopold and contributed a lot to the translation of “Essential Kanban Condensed” book, by David J Anderson and Andy Carmichael.

She is also a mother, and found through motherhood an even deeper desire to transform educational relationships.  

Jose JR

Business and Cultural Change Specialist e Trainer na K21, atua a duas décadas no Brasil e na Europa em ambientes e times multiculturais atuando diretamente na capacitação e na transformação digital de empresas nacionais e internacionais.

Um dos mais experientes trainers(AKT – Acredited Kanban University Trainer) do método Kanban no Brasil e um dos 20 trainers mundiais de KMM (Kanban Maturity Model) e KCP (Kanban Coach Professional) pela Kanban University, é pioneiro no conceito de Flight Levels no Brasil sendo um Flight Levels Guide(Trainer Oficial) e Flight Levels Coach pela Flight Levels Academy ajudando as empresas a alcançarem resultados de negócios através do Business Agility Advanced, além disso é Advanced Scrum Master e Advanced Product Owner Certificado pela Scrum Alliance® e já capacitou mais de 4800 alunos pelo mundo e atendeu mais de 250 empresas pelo mundo.

É escritor e tradutor oficial de livros disponibilizando materiais em português pra comunidade Luso-Brasileira de Kanban como Kanban Essencial Condensado de Andy Carmichael e David J. Anderson; O Guia Oficial do Método Kanban publicado pela Kanban University e junto com a Paula Viani é um dos tradutores do livro Repensando Agilidade de Klaus Leopold;

Criador do canal Mundo Compartilhado fundado em 2017 que é dedicado a compartilhar gratutitamente conhecimentos como Colaboração, Aprendizagem, Tecnologia, Statups, Inovação, Agilidade, Gestão, Transformação Digital, Lean, Desenvolvimento Pessoal , Gestão de Pessoas e Empreendedorismo.

Desde 1999 realiza Treinamentos, Workshops e Palestras para o público jovem e adulto foi professor convidado para aulas de Pós-Graduação na PUC-BR, Curso Online de RH Ágil, promovido pelo IAG – Escola de Negócios da PUC-Rio e MBA no Sistema FIEP, realizando trabalhos voluntários e colaborativos compartilhando seus conhecimentos sobre inovação e aprendizagem com Startups, Empresas, Incubadoras, Aceleradoras, mentoria em Hackthons a qualquer um que desejar.