We believe that learning is born from an effective relationship between teachers and students through experiments, experiences and practices, driven by curiosity and the desire for knowledge of both parties.

That teachers and students enjoy a pleasant teaching-learning relationship, experimenting, experiencing and knowing Active Methodologies and Agility to achieve the fundamental mindset change for education of the Twenty-First Century.

Agile for Teachers


Deep and enjoyable learning;
Develops autonomy and critical sense;
Works real skills needed for Twenty-First Century;
Leading role not only in studies, but in life;
More willingness to learn;
Develops collaboration;




Less stress and more productivity;
Uses your time effectively;
More organized activities;
Develops and creatively adapts to the needs of the Twenty-First Century;
Experience the pleasure of continuous improvement professionally and personally;
Prior knowledge recognized and valued;
You in the role of server leader;



Eliminates waste and optimizes processes;
Work in a more dynamic way;
Teams working in a more engaged and harmonic way;
Develops the creativity of employees generating innovation and results in student learning;
True educational teams commited to the result;
Less demand for managers;


“The teacher should be the Bridge and not the Source of knowledge!”

Paula Viani

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